Saturday, August 9, 2008


What is Universal Software ?

There are a lot of software you can get all over the world. But it is some time so difficult to find out an appropriate software from anywhere of the world. I am trying here to add some software's link which is collected from all over the world. Any body can help me to do this. If you are the reader of my site and you have some link of free software, please leave a comment about informing these to me. I will add your link to me.

How to download Software?

I am giving here some link in my site. If you want to download these software, you have to copy the link then paste into your browser's address tab. Then the download will automatically start. Sometime it will not start automatically. Because there is some links which contain a full website/wapsite . In case of these you have to follow according to website. Here may be huge amount of software, Which you can download by your need. I am arranging the game and the software separately. Here also some tips about how to play a complicated game easily. For example if you are having a problem in completing a game. You can found Cheat Code in Games Tips section. Sometime your desire games code may be absent on the site. For these case you can request us to give the cheat.You can do these by leaving a comment.

How to download Software? (For Mobile)

For mobile user it is much easy then PC users. There are mainly 2 types of software use in the mobile phone. 1. Java and 2. Symbian Most of the Nokia Mobile phone are symbian. And Some Java sets also found. Like Nokia 311oc, Nokia 3500 etc. The symbian software are available and most function able but it is sensitive to virus.
On the other hand the Java sets are not sensitive to the virus. But they are most function able as a symbian set. But the java supporting sets work more rapidly than Sybian sets. For example to start Java sets required 10 sec. where as symbian set required 1 min or more.

The main word " To download software or game through your mobilephone Just click on the link we have given. And follow the steps which you can see on that site."

Software> Downloader collection

For Windows

  1. BitComet
  2. Download Accelerator Plus
  3. Download Studio (trial download here).
  4. FlashGet
  5. Free Download Manager
  6. Fresh Download
  7. GetRight
  8. GigaGet
  9. HiDownload
  10. iGetter
  11. InstantGet
  12. Internet Download Accelerator
  13. Internet Download Manager
  14. LeechGet 2002
  15. LeechGet 2004
  16. LeechGet 2005
  17. Mass Downloader
  18. Net Transport
  19. NetXfer (Net Transport 2)
  20. NetAnts
  21. Orbit
  22. ReGet Deluxe
  23. ReGet Junior
  24. ReGet Pro
  25. Retriever*
  26. Star Downloader
  27. Thunder (Chinese language only)
  28. TrueDownloader
  29. Ukraininan Download Master (Russian language only)
  30. WellGet
  31. wxDownload Fast

Browsers and Plugins

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